FAQ About Husqvarna

There may be one of several reasons for this.

  1. First, check that the cutting equipment is properly mounted and is free from any obstructions.
  2. Next, make sure that the shaft has not loosened and separated from the power head.

If this does not solve the problem, you may be experiencing one of the following:

  • A defective clutch
  • A broken shaft
  • A damaged gear head

Any of these scenarios can be diagnosed and fixed by your local Authorized service center.

To properly determine correct literature and service parts, you will need the Husqvarna model and serial number.

I am going to provide you with the serial number location for the following product categories, chainsaws, lawn tractors, trimmers or hedge trimmers and blowers.

Chainsaw serial numbers can be found on a metal plate and depending on the model is located in one of the following four areas:
Chainsaw Models 55 and 455 Rancher, the serial number plate is located above the oil cap.
Chainsaw Models 340, 345, 350 and 359 the serial number plate is located under the front handle where it attaches to crankcase on the chain brake side of machine.
Chainsaw Models 136, 137, 141 and 142 the serial number plate is located on the underside of the machine or at top of starter cover.
Note that there are 2 numbers on each plate. The top number is the part number, which can be used to identify the model if decal is missing; the second number is the serial number. Please note models 136 and 141 contain a serial number only on the plate.

Lawn Tractors-The serial number plate is located under the seat at the rear of the tractor. The first block of numbers are the product number, the next block or number to the right of the product number is the serial number and the bottom center block is the model number information.

Trimmers-The serial number for trimmers and hedge trimmers is generally located on the lower part of the crankcase on the fuel tank side or

Blowers-The serial number on Husqvarna back pack blowers is generally located on the impeller housing, right above the tube on the harness side.

This is generally caused by one side of the chain becoming dull or damaged.

Your owner’s manual will guide you on how to properly sharpen your chain.

If your chain is badly dulled you may need to consult your local authorized servicing dealer to have them sharpen it or replace it.

The Automower will stop where it is once it no longer has the boundary wire signal. Depending how long the power is out, you may have to manually restart the mower once power is restored.

If your product ever needs warranty service, evaluation and repair can be obtained at any Authorized Husqvarna Retail Service center. To obtain the benefit of warranty, the product believed to be defective must be delivered to an Authorized Husqvarna Retail Service center in a timely manner, no later than thirty days from the date of the operational problem or failure. Husqvarna warranty does not cover downtime or pick-up and delivery.
To avoid misunderstanding, here are some items that are not covered by this warranty:

(1) Normal customer maintenance items which become worn through normal regular use, including, but not limited to, belts,
blades, blade adapters, bulbs, clutches, clutch drums, filters, guide bars, lubricants, rewind springs, saw chain, spark plugs,
starter ropes and tines.

(2) Accident, abuse, misuse, negligence and neglect, including stale fuel, dirt, abrasives, moisture, rust, corrosion, or any
adverse reaction due to incorrect storage or use habits.

(3) Failure to operate or maintain the unit in accordance with the Owners/Operator’s manual or instruction sheet furnished
by Husqvarna.

(4) Alterations or modifications that change the intended use of the product or affects the products performance, operation, safety, durability, or causes the product to fail to comply with any applicable laws.

(5) Additional damage to parts or components due to continued use occurring after any of the previously mentioned that have been repaired or replaced as provided under this warranty.

(6) Natural discoloration of material due to ultraviolet light.

(7) Commercial or consumer mowing decks with sand abrasion damage.

Please note, proof of purchase must be presented to the Authorized Husqvarna Retail Service center in order to obtain warranty service. To find your nearest Authorized Husqvarna Retail Service center, say ?service center?.

You should present both the product and a copy of the original dated sales receipt to the authorized servicing dealer. With a valid receipt and if the unit was new when purchased, the dealer will be able to evaluate and repair any warrantable failure.

Our warranty policy clearly states that if a part is manufactured incorrectly or if it is assembled incorrectly, (ie.. a defect in materials or workmanship) that the warranty will cover the cost of repair as long as certain other criteria is met including but not limited to the following.

Must be the original owner, and have an original dated sales receipt.

Must be with in the warranty period as determined by type of usage and warranty period as stated at time of purchase.

Must have been maintained in accordance with the owner’s manual.

Must not have been abused, or used in a manner not consistent with the intended and approved purpose.

Damage resulting in improper or misuse, poor maintenance is not warrantable and is the responsibility of the consumer.

Failure to produce an original dated sales receipt also voids warranty consideration and then again any costs associated with repairs is the consumer’s responsibility.

This is not a straight forward process and it is recommended that you take your saw to the local Authorized sales aand service center so the correct chain can be established.

They will need to determine if the chainsaw is used by a consumer or a professional, also they will need to determine the correct length (drive link count), pitch (distance between three consecutive rivets divided by 2) and gauge (width of the drive link) of the chain. All these factors are needed before the correct chain can be selected.

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