FAQ About Kubota

Buying an old tractor will usually mean saving 90% of the purchase price over new tractor. Old tractor lets you to find used or old machine-parts, this saving you a package, as new tractor parts are much more expensive. Along with old tractor purchase, consider the implements that could make it work better. Find Old Implements like used Cultivator, Rotary Tiller and Plough that could make the tractor more resourceful. These basic implements will allow you to perform extra actions, like hauling, digging holes, cultivation. You can work in farms and fields very smoothly and beneficially using an old tractor. A new tractor simply signifies spending a lot of money for maintenance and purchase. So, buying an old tractor is the best cost-efficient way to run the farming tasks. Additionally, used tractor parts are economical.

If you need catalog .you can download the PDF from https://www.kubota.co.in/hindi/products/brochures/ Please contact your local Kubota dealer for price and delivery plan for details how to use the product please contact the distributor who purchase the product

Please contact the dealer from where you purchased the product or your local Kubota dealer https://en.locator.kubota.com/#India

Introduced about Kubota agriculture machinery India company information about Kubota group business please visit Kubota search. We also suggest visiting the Kubota global website if you want learn more about it

Kubota can arrange for the delivery of new/old agricultural machineries throughout India. By working closely with brokers we are able to offer competitive rates for long distance deliveries.

Many tractor brands can be identified by the color of their paint, assuming it isn’t a custom paint job. An orange tractor is most likely an Allis-Chambers or a Kubota. A green tractor is probably a John Deere. If a tractor is blue, then it is likely a New Holland. A red tractor is going to be a Farmall or IH (International Harvester). Blue tractors are most likely old Fordson tractors, made by Ford.

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