Kubota B2741 27hp Tractor


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Brand Kubota
Number Of Cylinders 3 Cylinder
Model Name/Number B2741 (NeoStar)
Engine Power 27hp
Maximum Torque Speed 81.1 N:M
Fuel Tank Capacity 23L
Type Kubota D1305-E4 and E-TVCS
Displacement 1,261cc
Engine Net Power 24.4HP
PTO Power 14.3 kW (19.17 HP)
Steering Integral Power Steering
Braking System Oil Immersed Brakes (OIB)
Hydraulic Control System Position Control and Super Draft Control
Overall Length 2,410mm
Min. Ground Clearance 325mm

Product Description:
Through the use of ECO-PTO, high performance, high load implements such as low-volume sprayers can be effectively used with lower fuel being consumed.

Features:Engine manufactured by Kubota, JapanExceptionally durable and reliable engine manufactured by Kubota in Japan.Quiet, low-vibration engine featuring high power, high torque and clean emissions.
ECO-PTO:ECO-PTO is the function designed to perform tractor operation by maintaining the PTO revolution at 540 rpm by lowering the engine revolution from 2600 rpm to 1830 rpm. The horsepower decreases by nearly 10% as the engine revolution is lowered by 30%.This function is recommended for operations in a field of small load fluctuations or for operations of relatively small loads. Fuel efficiency increases in ECO-PTO mode.

Shorter Turning Radius:With the turning radius for the B2741 being as tight as 2.1 m, movements in narrow places or between ridges are completed smoothly without damage to crops.

4×4 Driving System:4WD Tractor has more traction and driving power, which makes work more efficient. 4WD helps Faster cultivation, Quickens planting time with lesser soil compaction resulting in increase yield and profit compared to 2WD tractor.

Super Draft Control:This function contributes to a reduction of slippage when using such implements as cultivators that require strong traction. An additional advantage is that it is never necessary to adjust the depth of cultivation with the result that makes operations easier and more efficient.

Spacious Driver’s Deck:The spaciousness of the wide, flat deck enables the driver to undertake operations in the most comfortable body position.

Fuel Tank Cap:The design of the key-locked fuel tank cap not only prevents debris from entering the fuel tank, but also the possibility of fuel theft.

Easy Maintenance:
Full open bonnet helps for easy maintenance at any time.
The one-piece bonnet fully opens with a single touch for easy access to the battery and all other parts of the engine compartment in order to perform regular maintenance.

Designed to avoid causing damage in orchards and vineyards:
Design considerations result in such parts as the air cleaner and muffler being securely placed beneath the bonnet to ensure they cannot be the cause of damage when operations are carried out beneath the branches of fruit trees or in vineyards.

Minimum Ground Clearance:
Since minimum ground clearance is comfortable 325 mm; steady and stable operations can be performed efficiently even in muddy fields or over rugged fields.

Engine Key Stop Solenoid:
Operator can stop engine only by turning key

Seat Suspension:
Comfortable and adjustable seat for longer operating hours

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