Kubota DC68G HK Combine Harvester


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Crops Paddy
Brand Kubota
Model Name/Number DC-68G-HK
Fuel Tank Capacity 60L
Length 4,800mm
Width 2,245mm
Height 2,800mm
Displacement 2,434cc
Output 49.2(68.0) / 2700
Steering Clutch and Brake
Pickup Reel Diameter 900 x 1903mm
Harvesting Capacity 10 (Acre / Day)

Product Description:

Faster Harvesting, More Profitability, and Long-Term Durability

Single Maneuvering Lever:

Such Frequently Used Actions as Making Turns and Adjusting Cutting Height Require Only Simple Movements of the Maneuvering Lever With the Right Hand.

HST Transmission:

The simple, stepless movement of the HST (Hydro-Static Transmission) Lever realizes the ideal speed for the specific conditions of job-at-hand. In addition, switching the direction of movement between Forward and Reverse is easily accomplished.

Optimal performance in a Variety of Conditions:

In conditions of deep paddies featuring wider crawlers and light-weight body can harvest while making turns contributing to minimum idling time Further ,fallen crops are easily handled.


Harvesting at corners in deep paddies

Powerful and Speedy:

World renowned Kubota Diesel Engine featuring enhanced fuel efficiency and environmentally-friendly performance.

Large Capacity Grain Tank:

The two formidable features – the Large Capacity Grain Tank and 235 Degree Swing Unloading Auger – significantly improve overall operational efficiency without any need to repeat discharging job frequently.

Easy and Speedy Unloading:

Swing-type Unloading Auger

Easy Unloading:

The simple step-less movements for the HST (Hyro-Static Transmission) Lever realizes the ideal speed for the Conveniently located to the right rear side of the operator are the Unloading Auger Swing Switch the Unloading Auger Up/Down Switch.

Easy and Speedy Unloading:

As the Grain Tank canbe discharged in just 1 minute and 30 seconds when full operations are resumed quickly with minimal downtime.

140mm wide (70mm x 2):

Enhanced width and thickness contributes to high abrasion resistance performance.

Center Frame Structure:

Center frame structure of the track rollers contributes to distributing as well as minimizing the surface pressure to the crawler.

Enhanced cored Bars:

Increase thickness and length of cored bars inside the crawlers enhances abrasion performances for longer- term durability of crawlers.

Wider, Longer & Thicker Crawler For Long-Term Durability:

Increased thickness as well as stiffness of crawlers realize high durability for the part on which track roller passes.

Highly Durable Transmission:

Constant Meshed Transmission

Method of selecting gear position by sliding the shifter on the shaft while gears being constantly meshed.


Improved durability of gears

Enhanced ease of gearshift

Wide-Opening Threshing Cylinder Top Cover:

The Wide-Opening Threshing Cylinder Top Cover makes access to the Threshing Teeth and Deflectors for inspection and/or replacement exceptionally simple without the use of any tools. The Screw Plates, Deflectors, and the Front Frame are not only made of Wear-resistant materials, but they are also replaceable.

Slide-Type Sieve Case Easily Detached and Reattached:

Being of the slide-type, the sieve Case is so easily detached and reattached that inspecting and cleaning its internal portions can be accomplished in minimal time without problem.

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