Six Row Kubota Rice Transplanter NSP


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  • 346,000.00
  • 346,000.00
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Model Name/Number NSP-6W
Number of Rows 6 Rows
Type Air-cooled, 4-cycIe and OHV gasoline engine
Displacement 171CC
Applicable Fuel Unleaded Gasoline For Automobile
Tank capacity 4
Ignition System Contact Less Magneto Ignition
Starting System Hand Recoil Starter
Distance Between Rows 30cm
Seedling Type Seedling Mat

Product Description:
Reasonably priced, the Kubota Model NSP-4W Walk-Behind Rice Transplanter is the ideal choice when taking the first step towards achieving outstanding operational efficiency and enhanced profitability through mechanization. Of the introductory-type, this model features a versatile size that is easily operated with agility and effectiveness even in confined spaces. This translates into incomparably higher operational efficiency with significantly reduced labor costs than can be achieved through labor-intensive manual transplanting. The result is a superior level of productivity that opens the door to a new dimension of professional agricultural excellence.

Powerful OHV Engine:The compact, lightweight NSP-4W mounts the powerful OHV (Overhead Valve) Gasoline Engine that contributes to excellent operational efficiency.

Large-Diameter Wheels:Even in deep-tilled paddies, the large 660 mm diameter of the wheels contributes to stable transplanting operations resulting in the superior performance.

Automatically Adjusting the Machine Height:The Auto Sensor detects undulations to adjust the machine height up to 450 mm contributing to efficient operations even in deep paddies.

Horizontal Control Mechanism:Even in undulating operational conditions, the Horizontal Control Mechanism automatically acts to maintain the Transplanting Unit in a horizontal position.

Easy Maintenance:The Engine Hood opens easily without requiring the use of tools. As a result, inspection and maintenance is easily and quickly completed.

Outstanding Durability:Durability is enhanced thanks to the Hexagonal axle which prevents the axle pin from being broken. Also, the bevel-gear drive system contributes to long operating life with no worries about chain cuts.

Fender Rod for Uncompromised Safety: The Fender Rod attached to the Guide-Rail helps prevent possible collision damage during operations.

Seedling-Friendly Transplanting Method:NSP-4W employs the seedling-friendly transplanting method by which the claw extrusions pushes out the seedlings to securely transplant them in the soil. Hill Space can be adjusted between 12 and 21 cm.* Hill Space 25cm · 28cm is optional for NSP-4W

Conveniently Located Levers:All operating levers and switches are conveniently located within an easy reach

Adjustable Transplanting Factors: Such factors as Seedling Taking Quantity, Number of Hills, and Planting Depth are all adjustable to fit cultivation modality and field conditions.

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